Please contact anytime w/ questions, or to try private sessions:
email, phone/text: 206-853-8603, Facebook Messenger
(July-September I am in very spotty cell coverage, if I don't respond to your phone/text within 24 hours, I didn't receive it; in that case, please email or FB Messenger)

Welcome to Graceful Soul: ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics

Enjoy a Taste of
Exciting Inner Exploration
Soul rEvolution

– VALIDATE your Soul Senses & Abilities
– RECEIVE introduction to Soul Tools & Insights
– CONNECT with body, Spirit & ALL your Relations

Come BLOOM in our Zoom Room!
CREATE Conscious Growth, Healing, Wellness, Fulfillment, Service…

You are Invited, regardless of your Spiritual, Religious or Meditation Background.
New folks Step-into New & Learn. 
Experienced folks Assist & Continually Deepen.

I offer weekly drop-ins. Please come as my guest for your first live Meditation

in Life, 

Graceful Soul:
Spiritual Deepening & Human Development Academy:
Mystic. Healer. Creative. Leader.

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