Dancing with the Divine

Please contact anytime w/ questions, or to try private sessions:
email, phone/text: 206-853-8603, Facebook Messenger
Come as you are, to December INTENSIVE:

Savoring 'Spiritual Communion' with the One & each one
Dancing with the Divine w/ Master Jesus:
  • Consciously Align with your Source, Spiritually in your body, in this world
  • Walk in this LIGHT, as LOVE, on your singular WAY, fulfilling your LIFE
    - naturally in the Flow of Blessings in you and into your world.
  • Release into Rest in The Beloved - more each day.
  • BEYOND Belief - regardless of Background, Baggage, Behavior... 
  • Enjoy 6 ACTIVE Meditations, your freewill Donation, much appreciated.
  • Dive Deeper, if you please with 4 Healing & Coaching Sessions, if you please.
  • Shy? you don't Have to be seen or heard - but you can be!
  • Busy? participate in real time for at least one Meditation, receive all the Replays!

REALly connect, play & learn in Mystic Community.
Find what you’ve been Looking for!
Start now, get Momentum, before the New Year begins.

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see you soon!
Dancing with the Divine 

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